Gilson Celebrates 40 Years of PIPETMAN®

Middleton, WI (September 6th, 2012) —A milestone is fast approaching for Gilson, Inc., as it celebrates 40 years of delivering innovation.  Four decades ago, the PIPETMAN pipette was created as the first adjustable volume pipette on the market with its patented volumeter registered in 1972. Today, it is still one of the most popular pipettes in labs worldwide.  Since then, Gilson has focused on launching new, innovative products based around the reputable PIPETMAN.

In honor of its anniversary, Gilson will be hosting celebrations worldwide to thank customers for their continued support and will be raffling off special anniversary items throughout the next three months including limited edition PIPETMAN. 

Gilson, Inc., established in the 1950s as Gilson Medical Electronics (GME) Co. in Middleton, WI, was founded by the late Dr. Warren Gilson and originally produced instruments ranging from photographic chart recorders for cardiac catheterization to metal detectors for locating shrapnel. Having designed a device in the 1940s to measure respiratory volumes in a circular format with a digital readout, Gilson combined this with the features and the engineering of a German-made pipette to invent a pipette with a digital readout and counter wheels. It was compact and cheap to make. Importantly, it dispensed accurate volumes of liquid. British scientists were first introduced to PIPETMAN in 1971 and in 1972 the PIPETMAN Classic was launched